looking for strains for after a long shift on your feet

  1. RSO will do ‘ya with a dose the size of a grain of rice taken with at least a tablespoon or two of a plant-based fat (ideally plenty of it saturated) such as coconut manna or almond butter for best bioavailability.

  2. Thanks!! I've been cooking with RSO but I rarely take it directly, will def try that next time I pick some up. Thanks for the terpenes list too, that's great info!! And I had the Klutch ICC a bit ago and def liked it, haven't had it in a bit though will definitely have to get it again!

  3. Yeah, definitely gonna be picking some up soon. Only problem is my tolerance is already dumb high and using RSO definitely makes it rise even more; but once every couple weeks would hopefully be okay and take the edge off every once in a while

  4. Layer cake by Butterfly is good one, along with Triple crown. Buckeye Relief is another go to for me Grapefruit Sour Dream & Lime Sherbet are good. Also look for Salty Watermelon by Firelands.

  5. I enjoyed this. Jack Rabbit (Riviera Creek), From the doughlato family. A fruity blend of Moonbow and Dolato is the perfect hybrid mix for ultimate relief. The light-colored bracts give off loud aromas of fruit and floral. The potent flavors are favorably sweet with hints of fruity berry, sour citrus, earthiness, and a bit of skunk. Jack Rabbit gives the patient a soothing sensation that consumes the body and alleviates discomfort. The effects are physically and mentally calming without being overly sedating. Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene.

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