Pure Ohio Wellness Is Taking Over.

  1. Amplify still has halfs on the menu still for 88. If I didn't have a nice stash I would have jumped on it already. Guess it's a Jack Herer cross.

  2. If ypu bought it the day it was the deal of the day you actually got 9Gs. Lol. Been weighing the 1/10th and they all come up as 3g... Idk why lol waiting on a fatty at this point.

  3. I agree. Their flower got my attention and now their luster pods have been blowing me away. I’ve tried and liked GMO Cookies, GG #4, and Hell on Wheels 🔥🔥🔥

  4. I’ve only had one container from them. Some Zkittles if some kind. it was some nice mids. It had a flavor but not a very good one. I am extremely picky though. Out of the few “bargain” brands I’ve tried it was probably the best of the bunch. Cresco was a Cres-no for me.

  5. I was pleased with this batch. $29OOTO. Has a great great taste. Although every batch of gelato I’ve gotten has looked different

  6. I'm guessing if you can actually go to pow then there probably amazing sucks there not out here so buying them out by me isn't always the best option

  7. Negative. I've gotten this several times. This is far and away the smallest buds. It usually contains 2-3 nugs. I mean all their strains are amazing. Legendary Larry, and the best to me are the Animal Mints.

  8. im in spain to play football and the weed here is €6-8 euros a gram sometiems 10 and it made me realized how much we get scammed, deadass 8 dollar top shelf shit it’s insnae

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