Does anyone have a problem with certain companies carts not fitting their 510 battery? I’m about to purchase a new pen/battery and wanted to make sure.

  1. Thanks. I was just worried that if I buy a certain brand battery I might not be able to fit certain companies carts because of the width of the cart not being able to drop inside the slot.

  2. Idk man all the 510 carts (not pods) I buy all fit my sunnyside 3 heat vape battery. Which idk why it’s called 3 heat mine doesn’t change no matter how many times I press the button but she’s a great pen for carts. Nice cloudy hits

  3. Whatever works,right? I saw some people in different posts saying certain ones didn’t fit their battery so I wanted to minimize that happening. I found the Yocan Uni Pro that adjusts for width and height of the cart.

  4. Certified Cultivators 510 threaded BBTANKs (all glass) will not fit in any drop-in style battery. They are physically too wide.

  5. The Yocan Uni Pro I have fits all carts and has this tightening mechanism so regardless of your cart it sits in their tight. Can also set the voltage level manually. Highly recommend anybody not using a battery where you can change your voltage levels to switch now and start hitting your carts at 2.0v-2.6v. A much smoother better taste and makes you not burn through your cart as fast.

  6. I found it locally for 29 bucks. Gonna pick it up at the weekend. I like flower but there are certain times when a cart just makes sense. Bought a disposable Verano Northern Lights recently but I don’t want to kill the earth more than I already have so I might as well move to a battery. Plus I’ll have better quality oils to choose from by having it.

  7. I bought a little mod battery. Klutch, supply, cresco, firelands, ancient roots, buckeye relief and super flux all worked fine with no issues. 100% labs the tank was too wide to fit the chamber of the mod. Went through a few different batteries before this one. Only $20

  8. Might grab a cheap pen style battery where the cart basically sits on top for the carts that won't fit down in a more compact style. Never hurts to have an extra battery on hand for emergencies either if that help you rationalize spending the extra $10 or whatever.

  9. I’m sure I’ll end up doing that anyway. The Yocan Uni Pro fits everything so I should be good on the fitting but you’re right no hurt in having an extra one on hand.

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