Galenas: Second Breakfast vs Electric Peanut Butter

  1. I've only tried blueberry cookies and it was amazing.. will buy again. But its so expensive its more special occasion kinda bud vs daily driver.

  2. Good reason.. . And I second your choice over electric pb .....2nd breakfest kinda gave me a head ache tho....and didn't hit that "nerve" so I kept smoking which.......gave me a bigger head ache....idk about the thc in flower being so high being a good thing..... .when I grabbed both of those the supposed thc content was 30%+,.........think I questioned if pushing for higher thc content would breed out other essentials that contribute to the high...or almost like we overload our thc receptors....

  3. Thanks everyone, love this community. Went EPBC, and I'm riding a nice chill off it. Was expecting more sativa vibes, which it does have for sure, but quite pleased by how "stoney" I'm feeling too.

  4. Picking one of these today for my first time. Even though the effects might be different, which one is the more potent of the two?

  5. I just grabbed both those and I like the second breakfast better. The electric peanut butter is awesome, lemon forward taste. It’s def one of the best lemon profiles I’ve had. But The second breakfast is spicier and funkier with a bit of sweetness to it. The second break seems more “exotic”.

  6. Def will pick that up next time. Went EPBC, and it didn't hit me as fast as I thought, figured it was over hyped ...10 minutes later, what a ride!

  7. Epbc has been the only galenas strain I didn’t care for. I religiously buy this brand but this strain didn’t do anything for me. Loved this recent batch of second breakfast

  8. Get a cheaper choice for yourself, then spend the excess on wax or rso.....neither of them should be prices the way they are....good bud, but not 500 a ounce or 240 a half, good.

  9. Harvest (Beavercreek, maybe all?) has Galenas 30% off today, I'm guessing that's driving this purchase today. Sale day is the best time to try the top shelf.

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