D Star Kush by OCL. 19%, half for 76.50 plus tax at Harvest

  1. Was making my first purchase of a half o today and decided to go with this one because it was a good deal, and the Sticky Buns I got by them last month was pretty nice. Before opening the container I checked the cure time and was blown away that it was almost 10 months. I had fairly high hopes at this point.

  2. Those actually seem like good terp levels for Ohio. I'm not doubting your review whatsoever. If I saw this label in a dispo I would definitely expect a flavor explosion.

  3. Don't feel bad bro. I grabbed one also..lol. I also grabbed a watermelon cake... now that stuff is really good. It was still sticky.. smells great.. and gives you that warm feeling. This Dstar kush.. it looks pretty crazy.. but yeah.. I didn't realize the shit was 10 months old... you can definitely tell its old by how dry and odorless it is. I was disappointed, but I bought some keif that I'm topping every bong w.

  4. I bought it too, 67 out the door at bloom last week. All of these reviews are accurate. Looks great, effects / smell / taste are 3.5/10.

  5. Yeah, I popped a Boveda pack and put it in a good jar last night. Gonna check it out again tonight. I'm really hoping the pack refreshes it. The effects weren't too bad the first time I puffed it in the afternoon, just didn't seem to work when I went back to it in the evening. I'll let you know how it goes. Luckily I've got almost a half total of 4 or 5 other nice ones, so I'll be able to go back and forth until I finish the half off.

  6. I missed that, but looked at some Sticky Buns by them and the time from testing to packing was just as long. Is kind of odd. You'd think there would be some decline in terps over that length of time.

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