Rules for house arrest with a medical card

  1. the whole medical thing is really weird when you consider that weed in OH is still illegal even for medical use in some cases depending on who you ask. like me, i have my card but can't medicate in public places so i can only do it at home because it's still treated like a drug instead of medicine like its supposed to be. but when you need it for pain while *at* work, its not very useful as medicine, but i can still take a pain pill or two just fine, and that'll make me too tired to work lol

  2. Ok so I’m familiar with this. I have a friend that was on probation for a felony. His probation officers told him he could use his medical card but only for edibles/tinctures/etc. idk why this was, we thought it had something to do with being able to get the flower/concentrates on the streets (much cheaper) therefore making it “illegal”. I personally believe it’s a JUUUGE rabbit hole riddled with reasons as to why. He was a low risk felon so he didn’t even get drug tested or anytjing. It depends on your officer, your case and how harsh it is.

  3. They have no way of testing or proving which modality you chose to consume your cannabis, they can only test whether you have THC in your system or not. This sounds silly. The only way to know is to ask your probation officer and see what they say.

  4. I had house arrest through stow municipal court for a marijuana ovi. And i could smoke. I even got privileges to go to the dispensary while under house arrest.

  5. Ask you PO and get some kind of documentation. Every other answer is speculation. If it’s court-ordered, see if the judge that put you on supervision would offer an opinion. Document everything. CYA.

  6. My po lets me as long as I dont drink or do other drugs, but its a simple nonviolent misdemeanor . Nothing bad. Personally though I just got the card and didn't ask. I figured I'd take my chances. It's not illegal for someone on probation to have a card but it is or potentially is to use it.

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