Thinking about buying a mighty +, anyone who has one tell me why i should? Im giving vaporizing a chance . Pros and cons of the mighty +?

  1. I have a Mighty, portable, long battery life, easy to clean, great warranty & support. Your herb will taste better, achieve all of it's medical benefits, no cancerous smoke, use Less Herb=more $4U, and use your vaped material to make edibles! No cons on my end!

  2. I have a Mighty. Love it for when I go camping or road trips when the wife drives. It hits the best of any vape I've tried. At home I'm still old school and use a bowl, so a vape had to be good to satisfy me. The Mighty does it. I use the dose caps, load up a pack of them so it's quick to medicate. Save the vaped bud, make tincture or butter with it.

  3. B4 you drop the money you should try a friends out or something if possible. Some people love it and others it doesnt do the trick. to each their own. good luck!

  4. I say go for it it will save you a ton on money buying product. I haven't used the mighty but I've have a fw7, dynavap, sticky brick, boundless cfx, and fm v5 nano. Vapes are a little different high but they work.

  5. I agree with all the above listed comments about the Mighty. Love It. I do however have 2 Crafty+ units that I use way more. One reason: They stand up with out assistance. Whoever though putting a round bottom on the Mighty and using the tool to make it stand? Duh. Hopefully changed that by now.

  6. I just chose an Arizer Air Max over a mighty/ crafty because of how much easier it is to clean. I know the Mighty/ Crafty are both great vapes, though.

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