New WW drop! 👀

  1. I saw seeds in a batch of Cereal Milk a while ago. Woodward still makes easily the best flower you can get from an Ohio dispensary. I wish their top-quality were the norm for medical, but in reality, it's the only truly sticky, well-grown bud around.

  2. I don’t ever buy WW at full price. These days it sticks around a bit longer than it used to, can catch it 20% off. $66 or whatever before tax isn’t bad at all imo

  3. Hope to hear some good things about these. I don’t get excited about woodward anymore personally. The genetics seem promising, but there’s a plethora of good shit on the market that you can get on sale

  4. I kinda thought they might hold off on the exotics until processing was almost ready.. looks like processed stuff on 7/10 and the exotics are coming back 🥰🥰

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