How Would Full Legalization Affect Medical Patients?

  1. First, thank you. This is great. I had a hard time finding the info i wanted. This is more than I could have asked for and I appreciate you taking the time to do this! I also kept getting adds for recovery places. Even plants that were specifically advertising for people to go there for smoking weed. It's sad that they are trying to get people like parents spend thousands of dollars to send their teenager to a rehab for being caught smoking a joint. Of course insurance only covers maybe 2 places in Franklin County (my country) and the wait to get into this places is insane. There are dozens and dozens that will gladly take your money though. So basically people get sold drugs by doctors that are super dangerous and addictive and of course super cheap because insurance of course covers those drugs. Then when people actually need help, sorry, you're on your own. I could go on forever about this stuff. I had addiction problems when I was younger and also lost my younger brother to an accidental overdose. He was on the wait list to get into rehab when he died. $3,000 a night for a bed at a rehab center that wasn't helped by state money or insurance just wasn't an option for him so he had to wait to get into the one place that would take him with indigent status. It's super frustrating. I'll quit rambling on and on. I just get really passionate about this stuff. Thank you again for the resources. I'm looking forward to getting an idea of what's eventually coming to Ohio. Now we just need to elect people that actually care about bullshit marijuana prohibition while they drink their top shelve bourbon...

  2. A broader, more competitive market will lower prices and raise expectations of quality. Under a recreational provision, smoking wouldn't be the anathema that the med program necessitates it to be. Consequentially the cannabis produced will have a broader range of cure times to satisfy that demand.

  3. Thank you. This is what I'm hoping for. I just got a bit worried seeing all these crazy lines in Jersey when they legalized it. Given, I'm pretty sure they were taken the day it was fully legalized. One thing's for sure, Ohio needs to lower prices. It's ridiculous how expensive it is.

  4. I feel more people would gravitate to home grow. They then could grow it to their needs and have more control over the effects the product gives..(cutting the buds early or later stage). I would only use the dispensaries for vapes and concentrate if it was to get fully legal

  5. Good point. I was just thinking about this the other day. It's so dumb that i can't grow any plants at all as a medical patient. I feel like i should be able to. But yes, i would have those 6 seeds in the ground pretty fast.

  6. Basically medical would be left alone and untouched. Dispensaries already licensed as medical will remain medical. Once it becomes rec here, any building licensed as a medical marijuana dispo will be only allowed to sell as medical. Any building licensed as a recreational medical marijuana dispo will only be allowed to sell rec. the days supply and all the medical aspect will go untouched.

  7. One thing I didn’t care for about AZ was that some growers only grew high quality on the med side and you couldn’t buy it on the rec side. Not a fan of this. Although I would be fine if they sold the same with price differences for the high quality exotics

  8. Hmm. I think that everyone should have access to all products. I can see some things being made for med purposes but still... If anything, make sure the med patients are first priority and have more consistent and maybe even cheaper access to what is their medicine. Still, don't cut off non med patients from access to the same stuff. Idk. These are the questions and i just want to get it right before the industry gets too big to change or have an affect on.

  9. I don't really understand why people pay for a med card in a rec legal state. It doesn't protect us employment wise. Does anyone know someone in rec legal state that still pays for a med card?

  10. There are usually tax advantages to being a medical patient and often access to more potent products. It obviously depends on the state at this point but that has been what I’ve seen in my experience

  11. I know on my first trips to Colorado and California years ago when rec got started, THC was used to split medical and recreational. Colorado specifically, I remember they couldn't sell you products containing over a certain amount by volume. I don't know if this has changed but I see that being a constraint they could put on legal edibles.

  12. In Michigan a med card is cheap and good for 2 years. When you buy rec the sin tax adds a chunk to the total, no sin tax on medical.

  13. My brother in Illinois got the medical card. Insurance had to pay for it there. Also the tax on medical is about 10% less than rec there. Even their medical though seems higher priced than Ohio's though.

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