Ice Cream Cake Fresh Press Live Rosin. review in comments.

  1. I love live rosin, but can never justify the price in Ohios med program, it's ridiculous. $80+ for .84 is just stupid and greedy.

  2. If it's not the best product I've ever had in my entire life it's definitely the 2nd best. shit is so damn good. great effects, terpy as could be and tha taste is unmatched except for Slurribreath by Ancient Roots. I'd recommend this to anyone who is a lover of high quality Rosin. It's great for pain and slowed the swirling thoughts caused by PTSD. Got it at Col Care in Dayton.

  3. I have severe ptsd, ty! I will keep this in mind and look out for it! Mayne ask my boss ro somehow order it for our dispensary. We have a lot of patients with ptsd

  4. One of my favorite strains in a live rosin?? Keeping an eye out payday for this 😳 It's pricey but the way I medicate that would last me a decent more amount of time. Damn!

  5. I've had a 2.53 gram jar of Slurribreath since last August. Still just as potential just as fresh and tasty. Concentrates just hit better

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