To who ever suggested the Mighty Whip and Stand -Thank you!!

  1. I cant upvote this enough! Thank you!!! I still love my dab cap but this wip and the stand, i sit and have my bubbler consistently hitting smooth tasty clouds with the mighty. And for anyone looking to buy a mighty or crafty, just DO IT. I have had mine for three years and it still hold a nice charge. I save so much of my bud by using the pucks. The flavor and burning of terps happen at such a perfect temp that you will rarely go back to using anything else.

  2. Volcano is very very different. Infact just sold my volcano. Its big and time consuming to use. I also felt I burned through way too much with it. I conserve so much with my mighty using the pucks

  3. Looks interesting, would you wanna give a more in depth review by chance? I'm hesitant to buy expensive stuff like this if it's not going to really enhance the experience

  4. I got a Storz & Bickel Crafty+, previously owned the Pax 2 and found the Crafty+ to be a huge game changer. The device is expensive, I got it with a 30% off discount on Namastevapors for $200 instead of $300. Also I used Sezzle to make 4 payments over 2 months rather than one large payment. The flavor of the Crafty/Mighty can be similar to low temp dabs in my opinion, insanely flavorful. With the bubbler whip attachment you basically are able to get a much less harsh/hot hit each time. Since it’s a vape it’s already very smooth/less hot hit each time but maxing out the temp can be still a little warm for my liking. With the bubbler whip attachment you can basically max out the temperature with nearly no harshness and do much longer deeper hits that’s easy on the throat and lungs. It’s absolutely insane and definitely worthwhile on saving for one. Also you can use your vapes bud (AVB) for edibles to get a second dose out of your product. Plenty of information on this in the

  5. Seen this before and wondered how it would work with the Mighty. Going to have to consider a set up like this. Thanks for the info.

  6. I found the Crafty/Mighty to be a 10/10 out of the box, the whip attachment with a water piece for me feels like it’s being used to it’s full potential. Somehow, it gets even better!

  7. Got a whip attachment for my crafty a couple weeks ago, it’s an absolute game changer. A++ way to use my meds. So glad you got on board with this one! Heavily, heavily recommended.

  8. I bought a mighty like 2 year's ago, best dry herb vape out there but only used it maybe 6 or 7 times cuz I realized I'd rather dab or old school combustion but I got the wip with it and use it every day with my electric dab rig, not ment for it but I made it work. So to anyone that has an electric dab rig with a mouth piece that's no bigger then a half inch or so you can probably stretch and pull with alittle effort it's not easy but will slide on and stay eventually with some work and your be able to dab through a bong

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