1. I recently picked up the Puffco Pro and added the 3D chamber and ball cap. I like the set up, but to each their own....

  2. I too just upgraded to a puffco peak pro with 3D chamber and ball cap. I upgraded to it from the og peak. It's even more flavor and cloud than before. I have several friends who highly endorse their GPEN Roams. But for the price point that core doesn't look shabby!

  3. Puff Co won't ship to klme cause of some law. Literally every other company can and will though, so puff Co is not an option unfortunately. This had a really good 420 deal too

  4. I have the Focus V Carta, and I personally love it! It comes with a quartz and a titanium bucket (I personally pefer quartz even over ceramic). It's sized well, plus comes with a great carrying case for it! Not only does it have 4 preset temperature settings, if you use the Carta app you can choose the exact temperature! And unlike every other erig that's out which rely solely on plug in charging, the Carta has removable chargeable batteries! I bought a second pair of batteries for mine so I never have to worry about my erig dying on me! I hope this helps!

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