Sunnyside orders after close?

  1. Little late but sunnyside has to be placed after midnight. Also they are now holding online orders. So if you place after midnight and it goes thru the product will be there for you when you pick up.

  2. They usually close ordering at the top of the hour from 7p-8p then open it back up and all orders placed after ate for the following day. If I know I’m wanting something at sunnyside I always order the night before. Only thing that stinks about sunnyside compared to others around at least In Cincy is your online order doesn’t guarantee you get it. If they hit the number they’ll disappear on the online menu, but if a walk in grabs it before you get there they’ll sell it out from under you

  3. Yeah they don’t actually put your order together until you check in, just beware when you put an order in the day before something could run out of stock and they’ll take it off your order

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