Has anyone had this specific Live Rosin? If so let me know what you think, peeps.

  1. Just got this batch with the 35% off discount at Sunnyside. It was dry but was solid other than that. Really good sweet smell and taste.

  2. I wasn’t purchasing it for sure.. 😅 quite obvious that’s a bit expensive compared to Ancient roots or Firelands. Especially since it’s not even a full Gram. Just wanted to hear, others who had it prior, their experience. I only purchase Ancient Roots typically.

  3. I purchase my Ancient Roots Live Rosin typically for about 55-65 a gram. But even times where I have to pay full price, I’m not complaining too much because the quality is there, and the Demand is there! People have caught on. The other companies processing concentrates need to follow suit similar to Ancient Roots, as recently they lowered LR prices by roughy $10-$15, at least a step in the right direction, as far as quality:price. While also making them 1gram pucks vs. the previous packaging, 0.85g. By no means is any OHMM cannabis product cheap, or necessarily cost efficient, agreed there.

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