What would you guys recommend for a 77 yr old man that hasn’t had marijuana since Vietnam with severe hip pain. He is unable to vape.

  1. Grow Ohio Honey for all day all purpose relief and combine with some 1:1 THC-CBC Gummies. Botanist and a few other companies make them with cbc. It can really help with inflammation and pain relief when combined with a strong thc component I found. Also rso is another great option as you can eat it or just put a bit in a pill and swallow. Strong full spectrum long lasting relief.

  2. GrowOhio honey is the BEST bang for your buck with edibles. It's very potent (made me green out and I'm a VERY experienced edible user).

  3. Gotta co-sign the honey! I bought the Grow Ohio honey after trying Hon and Buckeye Relief— all are awesome imo. Hon brand is good as a lower dose I think and they have really cool flavors as well like cinnamon and lemon skunkberry. If he’s not into sweets you might also want to try their ghee or olive oil.

  4. If you’re doing edible route, start low and go slow. Something including CBD for pain/inflammation + reduced psychoactivity if possible. Something that kicks in quicker - like a gummy or chocolate - would be preferable to a capsule, while they learn their dosage.

  5. Get him some of the 5mg Kiva gummies to get him acclimated. Taste really good, you get 20 gummies in small doses to allow him to adjust.

  6. I'm 39 and new to the program as of December and ended up being blitzed out of my mind each night off like .05 g of flower of practically any THC %. Then one day, I magically had a little bit of a tolerance. Now, I can functionally medicate throughout the day. I'm actually a lot more productive with increased focus and energy than I was prior to joining the program. I feel like I was looking for back pain relief and while I was at it, I cured undiagnosed ADD or something. The power of sativa.

  7. I like to get EPBC smalls and make small batch coconut oil. Then put it in my coffee in the morning for about all day relief

  8. RSO and edibles or drinks if he has a hard time chewing and stuff. Also like others are saying 1:1 thc cbd to start or just start with low doses.

  9. Grow Ohio makes a water soluble Infusion Powder that you can mix with drinks or food. Works well, has a quicker onset than edibles.

  10. Seeking pain relief & unable to vape you say ? In that case I'd agree w/the majority of the other respondents in that RSO or F.E.C.O. is your best bet, financially as well. Definitely a product which contains a high amount of the terpene called Myrcene, ideally the lead terpene in a given profile if possible.

  11. Rso, tincture, capsules. I have a broken 5th lumbar and a wedged 4th, alone with a non union in my elbow I fight with pain 24/7. Tincture great day time easy to accurately dose and be be functional. Rso when I get home, and grow Ohio makes a great 20mg capsule I. Take before bed that has helped me get some decent sleep.

  12. I am halfway through my Masters in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics through the University of Maryland. We have studied nearly every terpenes, many strains and delivery methods.

  13. Start with a low dose RSO pill if he’s able to swallow. Can be given whole in apple sauce if there is dysphagia (swallowing difficulty). Formulas high in CBD, CBN, CBG are going to be most medically beneficial for pain. Also, give with something that has lipids, fats, to break down cannabinoids properly

  14. CBD+cbg together. Maybe add in some delta 8 if that's not enough. If he sti needs more I'd try full spectrum d9 edibles.

  15. Id go with grow ohio infusion powder it comes in 660mg and 440mg jars I think but you can really control ur dose so as not to over do it. The honey is another good one also tinctures 1:1 is good I don't know about the topicals but they could be worth a shot.

  16. My father is your age, I make him capsules for the same reason. He typically prefers to take a night so he can sleep

  17. This is for my father as well. It really took a lot for him to even make the decision to go this route. But he is an avid outdoors guy and hasn’t been able to do anything lately and he is desperate. I am really hoping this will give him back at least a little bit of life

  18. As far as strains I’ve found Rollins to be the most relaxing. No worse way to start than getting a strain that causes major anxiety and this one won’t!

  19. Have you had personal experience with the rubs? I really think something like that would be a good option for him but they are rather expensive if they work no better than bengay or something

  20. If you want flower, ac/dc is a great high CBD strain. Very good for pain and won't make you stoned off yer ass.

  21. I use RSO for back pain from a car accident I had. Like some one said I’ve also heard good things about honey. Buddy dad use gummie because he has lost a leg. Good luck… and Tell him Welcome Home…….!!!!!!

  22. The dispensaries typical give an additional discount for vets and some places will let you stack sales with discounts. Just something to keep in mind if looking to try to save some money. Big savings if you can plan it with a good sale day

  23. I would try edibles first any of the drinks kick in relatively quickly but personally edibles dont do it for me there are also thc capsules that may he;p with pain i think you have to manage your expectations marajuana may help him deal with the pain mentally and allieviate it to some extent but hip pain is severe and there may not be a perfect product available. Try getting him to smoke a joint of a nice indica maybe around the 20 percent range that would for sure be his best bet.

  24. It’s definitely osteoarthritis, and if I could get him to actually sit for a bit that would be great, and I may try it for myself as my hip pain is so bad I haven’t been able to sit long enough to watch a full TV show in over a year

  25. I know everyone has recommended edibles/rso but if you find yourself wanting something different but not as harsh as smoking you could try vaping. It still might be harsh on your lungs though so edibles/rso might be the best option.

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