yeah put it on sale then take it all off the menu, wasn't going today anyways but this is so dumb

  1. You mean put it on sale and everybody buys it to the point it sells out? Everybody swears this Ohio Medical program is out to get them personally lmao.

  2. Gotta get that order in early. People place them even though they cant go until later in the evening

  3. We have more patients than dispensaries. Some people have figured out the system and has learned to order the night before or as someone else said before 9:00 in the morning before the dispensaries open. You got to be Johnny on the spot to get the sales because the dispensary sell out fairly quickly and may or may not get more of that product on sale in the next day. Almost everybody has learned pre-orders so they don't run into this issue, It's not a conspiracy theory against anyone.

  4. Whenever there is a hott sale going on at CC you better put in your order the night before or super super early in the AM or this is what the menu will look like. They didn't take anything off the menu, a lot of people have already placed their order in so its sold out already. Gotta be quick to get your order in when it's a good sale.

  5. Favorite thing to do, the BOTANIST IS FAMOUS FOR THIS. Im sorry to say it but I've literally listened to budtenders tell one another I want this , or so an so needs this. Emoloyees grab what they want first

  6. Dude I have friends that work at this dispensary, in particular, and I know 100% that it's like that. Which if they are med patients, they have to be able to buy medicine too at some point. And if they're working all day, they should be able to have access as well. But they shouldn't get special "dibs" on shit, especially if they don't have to wait in the same lines that we do. It's honestly fucking bullshit, and it's probably one of the biggest reasons this program is fucked. I don't even see some of the popular strains out this way because they're bought up instantly, seemingly before they even hit the shelves.

  7. I've been told by more than one dispensary that pre-orders don't matter. It's a first come first serve type of situation. I've done the whole pre-order the night before thing got there the next day and it was sold out

  8. Depends on the dispensary. If you’re in Cincy I can break them all down for ya lol. But the majority of them it does guarantee it (here at least).

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