Happy Easter Ohio MM Family! Waking up with an espresso and Klutch Orange 43 🍊 What are you all enjoying on this Easter Morning? 🐣

  1. Happy Easter! Started with a few small rippers of Klutch ICC and supplementing with Klutch Lusters, White Truffle and Apricot. My wife loves her Live Resin Lusters, but they’re too strong for me. I over medicate easily, but we have to work up our appetite for lunch reservations today. Hope everyone enjoys their day!

  2. Happy Easter!! I've been looooving the orange 43 lately. I started the morning actually with some Layer Cake topped with Ancient Roots kief - first time trying since it was on sale and it's a nice little treat! and I've got some Orange 43 diamonds and sauce lined up to dab here soon 😁

  3. Melonada to start, now onto blueberry cheesecake, later apricot gelato and animal mints. probably wrap up the night with pineapple pez 🤙🏽

  4. I’m shocked you need 2 small Boveda packs for the small jars. I put one of those in any Buckeye relief I buy because it always seems dry and within 3 days, that shit bounces back to life.

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