Galenas Artifact Salmon River OG should stay an artifact! Awful!

  1. I haven’t heard good things about this strain. I won’t ever buy Galenas flower ever again from their shitty response with my feedback of bud that was mainly all trim. If they respond bet they won’t apologize & will mention they hope you continue to be a loyal member of the Galenas “tribe” yeah sorry not joining a cult or buying their mids.

  2. Used to love Galenas. Snow ball and second breakfast were some of my favs. But seeing this im done. Love trying new stuff, but theres enough competition to not give second chances.

  3. Damn. Sorry. That’s why I’ve never got it. I didn’t want to be disappointed. It almost looks like some weed you’d find in the wild. Doesn’t look professionally grown. Brown is never a good color for weed. I hope they refund you.

  4. I sent an email so I’m sure I won’t get a response until Monday at the earliest. I’m definitely not smoking it until I hear from them.

  5. I loved galenas artifact electric peanut butter breath and blueberry cookies. This does look pathetic asf tho! I'm sorry you got ripped off. That shit should have never been put in a jar looking like that 🤢

  6. 90$ for 5.6 mids? No I haven't lol as a I haven't smoked real mids in 20 years and that's the way I want to keep it lol

  7. i picked up some orange velvet underground today on a whim and it was underweight and buds were leafy and not trimmed well. this is the fourth galenas buy from me and probably the last.

  8. That’s unbelievable. Every artifact jar I’ve gotten has been pretty amazing but that looks horrible!!!! I have the BC, EPBC, second breakfast and ghee butter all in the artifact line right now and they are super pretty and smell great. EBPC is my fav all around. Effects are tops notch as well. Thanks for letting everyone know. Will be staying away.

  9. Fuck galenas and there 200 dollar a half for there hippie wierdo weed! I want to try there dual og badly but i know better. Astreal Destiny tastes like horse shit... Second Breakfast tasted green and was weak af... Blueberry cookies is ok but overpriced at least 20 percent. Galenas Sucks!!

  10. I wish I saw this before I bought this strain today, fuck it’s so disgusting trash weed that they selling high price. Wtf, first and last time trying Galenas. Shit I could’ve smoked my dogs shit, than this poop 💩.

  11. Try it first. I wasn’t fond of the way Grow Ohio’s bud looked so I never bought any. But I got some SLH to try and it looks like shit but everything else about it is amazing.

  12. I literally just stumbled upon this subreddit and I do not smoke weed, so forgive me, but what makes this look bad? I’m just genuinely curious. Sorry for being such a dork about weed lol.

  13. It’s not trimmed properly for something that is supposed to be a premium product, it’s the most expensive brand on the market. The flower also is is dull green/brown color which could mean a number of things. It has a very small amount of trichomes as well, just all around not a premium looking flower. Actually it is a really poor looking bud. Hope that helps a little

  14. I'm still trying to figure that out I didn't see anything wrong. Now everyone thinks to highly of this brand. So if it's anything less than absolutely perfect it's a disgrace to that brand. People always wanna bitch about something. Maybe it's the light the angle of camera but I don't see anything

  15. Here's some helpful advice. Do a search on the product in this subreddit before you purchase anything. Just a few ahort days ago there was a thread that declared this as trash bud

  16. Honestly wasn’t planning on buying it, but was at the register and got a extra 15% off if I spent another 50 so I added this impulsively because usually galenas is solid and I figured with it being land race would be even better than their regular quality stuff. But I do typically read reviews before purchasing anything

  17. It’s an artifact. The appeal is it comes with pretty looking flowers. Deserves to be knocked based off appearance alone.

  18. Yoooo I’m all about soil grown. IMO it’s better flavor typically than hydro but yea I’m not about galenas giving sub par products for premium prices. They should have done some R&D before releasing this to the public.

  19. Should have sold this flower to a processor for extracts or something. Selling it to patients for that price is definitely whack

  20. I love their blueberry cookies I’ve bought it multiple times when it was on sale. It didn’t disappoint as far as quality of taste smell appearance! But this here this is some grade A garbage 🗑

  21. I’m not going to ever be ok with purchasing a premium product that cost this much and has 1 such a trim job and 2 is brown which means it either is starting signs of bud rot or it wasn’t cured properly.

  22. Definitely not a winning batch. I love the strain though. I got this 2 weeks ago and it was fantastic. Heavy Tropicana cookies resemblance in taste and smell.

  23. I tried galenas in the past and was unhappy with cost for what it seems like I was getting. Zi get “dual OG and peanut butter breathe”. Neither had smell, the dual OG was $50 for a tenth and supposed to be 32.1%..let me state it like this..I’ve seen others state “xyz company there’s no chance that’s 30%”..ive had many over 30% from various growers and this was the bottom of the pit for something supposed to be 32.1...very little taste. The best thing about he PBB was it was cheap($30smalls). Won’t be going back to this company.

  24. It dosent look that bad but for galenas artifact id be pissed im sure that 5.66 was 80 to 90 bucks id get in contact with galenas and at leaste try to get a refund it Wouldn't hurt.

  25. Gtfoh dude. Galenas has been nothing but top notch. Blueberry cookies, snowballs, electric peanut butter cookies.. all artifacts all fireeee. Tastes and effects amazing!!

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