My Mighty. I have a Mighty+ too. I start at 185°C and increment 5 degrees to the max of 210°C. Some terps are more recognizable at different temps and the flavors are much much better than 100% combusting flower.

  1. Not sure if you prefer Celsius over Fahrenheit but you can switch it by holding the + and - buttons at the same time. I only say this because my buddy had no idea lol.

  2. I've found a taste in all weed, all strains that i don't like when I'm vaping. Not sure what it is but it's over powering to me. I still vape and combust and I dont like the taste of burning it either, so im not saying that's better. It's just something about weed when being vaped that I can smell and taste that I just do not like. If anybody knows what I'm referring to let me know cause I have no clue what smell and taste can be in every one i try. At all Temps too!

  3. I have a mighty vaporizer. I don't find the taste of different herbs to be the same. I "try" using the word try loosely to keep it clean. And keep the herbs hydrated. I have used other vapes that gave a funky smell/taste. Some say like burnt popcorn. But with the mighty I haven't experienced it.

  4. is it the burnt popcorn flavor? I find that tends to present a lot with Electric model vapes. The ovens just cant help but cook the exterior of the bud faster IMO. I switched to Dynavaps which use torches or induction heaters for extraction. I have not had "popcorn" bud like my Pax3 made since i switched. I now experience the full flavor profile of my bud with incredible similarity to how it smells on the nose. My current fave is pineapple upside down cake from BR it tastes like the cake with a bit of marchino cherry and everything

  5. Try 160C to start. This is where the terps really shine. Hit it 3/4 times. Then make 10C moves up the scale. 160/170 is Terp Town with the right herb going in.

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