What is everyone's favorite Sativa strain and by what cultivator, please. Choose your absolute favorite in the program to date. Thanks!!

  1. Totally agree! Sour Blue Diesel is one of my favorite strains. Grapefruit Sour Dream from Buckeye Relief is also a great Sativa.

  2. Y'all have good taste yet ur forgetting the true champs of the sativa world.. orange 43,heat locker, lemon slushie..then buckeye relief straight sauce,92 cookies,sour blue Diesel,and sour grape fruit dream..but klutch is always top dog..suxz wish wood word would do halfies or the ppl that grow Wonka bars n my fav rainbow chip omg I need a oz or a half that n Wonka bars r my fav then diesel dough omg koffe face those two was by buckeye relief idk what happened I need more of those two omg just make illegal like alcohol plz state plz fed idky not..just treat it the same.have to be21..omg the state would ton of money n less deaths more employees would have JOBS..u know I'm a Marin from2007 and NVR drink only ONLY smoke n can't get a righteous job I deserve just cuz tree in me yet held a card for3/4yrs bn smoking since I was13/14 now I'm 38,..I have PTSD n other issues n only thing WORKS n my tree..no pills(CHEMICALS) yet mother nature has rules or need a doc wtf yet we can make these pills for a reason yet the side effects r way worse..I'm sorry just it's a passion a love..Mary has always bn there for me n nvr hurt me n nvr lied to me..ppl drunk stink n ur face wanna fight n carry on..yet that's mixing chemicals yet a seed that has bn here before us is wrong.. Tylenol kills alcohol kills..tree just makes u happy

  3. I think it's junk..alot of this stuff works for ppl n really..???huh...which doesn't even touch me..waste of money psh but then the stuff that I like or works rocks ppl and yet again I'm like really but I've bn a smoker since 13/14mind u I'm a 84 kid so now I'll be38.. garlic cooks is over priced yet the taste is amazing n what I'm always wanting n can't find n with the punch..other then it bn over priced it turns mostly into kef which sux for me highly n yet klutch is top of the line n yeah n buckeye relief is my go to them klutch l.. Ocl is a joke n there prices..

  4. Orange 43 from Klutch, Hiker’s Blend from POW, Grapefruit Sour Dream from BR, Robots from Woodward and Black Jack from Grow Ohio are my tops from those vendors. 🥰

  5. They nvr have half's if wood word or the 🎯 bullseye brand..you know Wonka bars and rainbow chip...ugh r some of my top strands along orange 43 klutch but I'd flip if I'd find a half oz of those two (Wonka bars and rainbow chip)..ugh

  6. Heatlocker is my daily driver for work. It makes me nice and mellow, but upbeat and diligent and focused. For fun - buckeye sour blue diesel.

  7. I'll probably get dragged for this, but my favorite everyday strain is POW Hiker's Blend/Tahoe Jack. I've had a lot of other great sativa's that were prettier and smelled better, but for some reason the effects of that strain just hit me perfectly. I'm hoping they didn't stop growing it.

  8. Nah man you aren't gonna get dragged for saying a Jack Herer cross is your favorite Sativa. Hiker's Blend is a fantastic flower. Buckeye Relief had some Jack Herer a couple years ago in smalls and it was so great. I would love for it to come back.

  9. Hiker’s Blend blew my mind, honestly. $88 for a half ounce of smalls at Amplify and I’ve never been so focused playing Mario kart in my life. 🤣

  10. Ill throw out Outer Space from Standard. I did some research and its actually a very rare strain. Surprised how they actually got it as No Seeds supposedly exist for true OS. Very head foggy. Kinda trippy. Definitely a unique High.

  11. I enjoy my concentrates and this is a good description, only thing is most of the time it’s a .5. this one is a nice for the morning walk through the metro parks.

  12. I am a big fan of O43 however it is not a true sativa. I don't understand why dispensaries list it as such. Leafy, Weedmaps and other reputable sites have suggested O43 is even an "indica" leaning hybrid, oddly enough...

  13. Old pal sour blue diesel, Tahoe jack from locally grown, hikers blend from pure Ohio wellness. Wild cat from Riviera Creek.

  14. These are all amazing Sativa strains everyone listed! Thank you for the feedback. There is one particular Sativa strain that is my absolute favorite and I haven't seen anyone list it yet. I'll give it a couple hours and see if it gets listed. Surely someone out there has love for this one particular strain.

  15. Just got me some mint julep and I think I found a new favorite over orange 43 orange 43 is good but hits me like a indica more this mint stuff has me ready to go

  16. Do a Leafly or weedmaps search on O43. It is an indica leaning hybrid. The dispensaries have always had it marked wrong. I always do my research on a legitimate site when I'm interested in something new... Now you know why it "feels" like an indica lol...

  17. That's the only Sativa I would buy for almost an entire year when I first started the program. I was in love with the smell, taste, and insane euphoria that don't put you to sleep.

  18. Good information. Been on the lookout for Casey Jones for about 6 months..It completely disappeared from our area for some reason. One of my favorites!!

  19. Klutch hands down n orange 43 or heat locker 🥇 Ocl (Ohio clean leaf)over rated n over priced..then u have buckeye relief straight sauce or 92 cookies comn in second 🥈

  20. Lemon Dosi Do is an Indica but very interesting to hear that Botanist is cultivating that strain. They make great gummies too! I like Botanist products.

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