Certified Cultivators Animal Mintz 1/2oz shake. Their bigs are usually smalls so I’m weary of how shakey it will be. Anyone have any experience?

  1. This is true. I guess since they’re still trying to get 5 a gram for it I thought maybe there was a chance I was missing something.

  2. Thanks that is helpful. I haven’t gotten shake from any company actually so I’m not sure what Ohio is calling shake. I’ve had Black market of course but that can vary from being super small budlets to trim that’s more sugar leaves than anything.

  3. For what is worth, Certified had always been disappointing to me. If you can make it, 30% off just about everybody sales start this weekend going into next week

  4. Firelands scientific has good quality shake for the price. I havent seen it in forever. But I hadn't been looking either. It's typically smalls.

  5. Well…. I got greasy runtz once smelled like gas was 25% thc and straight kief for days. So with that being said that was months ago but it was fire shake. Top one out of 4 shake purchases. If you get it let us know. Seen it on the Dayton menu.

  6. Thank you! I’m not sure what they’re packaging a 1/2 oz of shake in but hopefully I can get a peek inside before paying for it.

  7. Their shake bags have a window on them, so you can actually see for yourself before you purchase! The Southside legend shake comes in at a super high THC (>25%), but I have noticed it’s pretty stemmy. Never actually inhaled the product though.

  8. Sweet! I’m going in for a look as soon as they open. They claim this animal mintz shake is 28% hopefully it smokes that way.

  9. I was thinking of grabbing a half of their shake once until I seen it at the dispo, they had a little window on the bag to see what's in it and there were a lot of stems and leaves, more like trim than shake

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