All Galenas Flower Tastes the Same

  1. Agreed and neither of them taste like any of their other strains. Both of those are pretty unique in terms of flavor taste and smell.

  2. Not my experience. Electric Peanut Butter Cookies definitely tastes a lot different than Blueberry or Lilac Diesel or Snowball.

  3. Since having covid, it’s really screwed with my smells. I can’t enjoy much anymore the smells of the things I used to love :/

  4. I'm trying to test out all the Galenas strains and everyone I've tried has all tasted / smelled significantly different from one another.

  5. To elaborate, each strain tastes different but there is a consistent flavor profile or maybe aftertaste (cant think of the words to describe it) across all of their stains. There are a couple that I havent tried. I've had maybe 5 or 6 different ones and I think they are all similar in taste.

  6. Maybe its cuz they are soil vs everyone else growing hydro? I've def migrated away from hydro after smoking enough of that good good out west. Organic isn't just a style thing, it's quality IMO.

  7. Nah dude I’d check to make sure you are tasting things properly. I just had some dual og and I can say from my experience it tastes nothing like any of their other strains. I’ve tried blueberry cookies epbc gorilla nut ghee butter snowball. None of them taste at all the same.

  8. At first glance, I balked at your statement bc I crave Galenas. The EPBC and Blueberry Cookies are phenomenal. They do have an underlying hint of organic earthiness that accentuates the overall palate’s experience. Their heads are getting big similar to when Woodward caught fire early on (they’ve since taken a steep backseat to Galenas and Klutch IMO). All in all, still my go to….

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