I wonder what the Price Per Gram is on the in demand tenths/fifths when they are not on sale and you do not get a discount. Riviera, Klutch and Galenas are still more than $94.00 a fifth in Columbus after tax.

  1. Keep in mind that these are average prices for plant material. Cultivators like Buckeye, Grow, and Klutch may list at $36-40 for a tenth of an ounce, but I regularly get jars on sale from these three for less than $30 when they are 25% to 30% off. Those sales are where most of the weight is purchased. Additionally, tenth ounce jars are the most expensive way to purchase flower. Most of the weight is bought on sale or in bulk. I think the data is probably correct based on these. They are citing Ohio program data.

  2. 9.50 A gram... Is their math being done without averages? Are they talking about the cost of the Product before Dispensary Mark Up? Are they only referencing the lowest quality highest amount of ground flower?

  3. Wow…where are they getting metrics? It looks like they may be using numbers as sold to dispensaries and not patients? Most stuff I see on sale is still at least $12.50 per gram

  4. I got a 10th of Ancient Roots for $25. Competitive pricing needs to keep up. Forza San Souci #6 and it's very nice weed although a bit low THC. That's cheaper than the POW my dispo had.

  5. Yeah they need to add at least a handful more dollars to that cost per gram because all I see on the menus are like $45 tenths and $80 fifths.

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