Unintentionally threw away my luster pod packaging. How do you tell the difference between strains. Color & flavor?

  1. I have a little label maker that I use to label each of my pods with an abbreviation for the strain. You can also find little luster pod holders on Etsy that come in handy for storing multiple pods.

  2. I personally use these small circle shaped stickers. I use blue for Sativa dominant, red for Indica dominant, and purple for Hybrids. I can then write the name on the sticker. At a quick glance I can see what kind it is and upon closer inspection I am able to find the exact strain I am looking for.

  3. I normally have 3 or 4 or more lusters sitting by each other and just take something sharp and scratch the initial of the strain on the cart or just the 1st letter so I don't confuse them. Like motor breath I just put an M on it

  4. Take it out of the battery and suck on it a bit as if you were hitting it in short bursts. You can taste the terps that way and tell them apart.

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