Ancient Roots Live Rosin 1g cart barely hits

  1. They did the same thing with the old design cartridges. They would clog about halfway through the cart rendering it useless. Unless of course you take it apart. They didn't respond to my emails either. And that's been months ago.

  2. Yeah I bought one of their live rosin cartridges when they first came out. Spent $90 on it at Rise and it hit like absolute shit. I’m looking at it right now. It’s over half filled and I bought it a while ago 😞. I strictly only fuck with pods from now on.

  3. Do they have live rosin pods? It's not so much about the cart type as the content in this situation. Live rosin carts can be a bit finicky on which battery you use but I cant even use distillate or live resin. It's a 10 minute buzz with no entourage effect.

  4. Those style carts are trash. Sadly the shit in em is pretty decent but unenjoyable because of the hit. I made a full switch to luster pods now that klutch has live resin and POW has their infused series for a lil cheaper than standard pods, n even with botanicals it’s a solid vape. I just don’t see the point in buying regular 510’s anymore with how many issues brands have been having with quality. This is just my opinion tho, I know theres different strokes for different folks🤷‍♂️

  5. I bought this on Thursday and have tried all 3 settings on my stick battery. Neither of them seem to make much difference. I can go through a half gram cart in 2 days and I've barely used any if this medicine

  6. Make sure you use the right battery. They can only guarantee they work if you use the approved battery.

  7. The thing is that they KNOW you’re going to use your own battery. Other companies don’t ask this. A cart is a cart. It should work without clogging. That sounds like bad hardware or the stuff isn’t formulated properly for carts. Sucks because I have wanted to try these but I’d be so bummed if it only worked halfway through and then they wouldn’t cover me or wouldn’t respond.

  8. A guy at GLeaf in warren told me they were super helpful at ancient roots and let him return it with a receipt. It’s a pretty wide known issues, both mine and his were on the Lemon Kush as well too. Just need to figure out what day I bought it and try to reach out to ancient roots to resolve

  9. i had a similar issue with a hundred percent LR cart. i figured it just wasnt wicking on the coil, so i heat gunned it a little and that worked, but it defeats the convenient purpose of a cart imo so ill probably just avoid em.

  10. So If you NEED HELP FIXING THIS. READ ME. So the reason it’s getting “clogged” is because when you hit pure live resin carts, like the ones that use actual dab live resin(usually the ceramic ones ive noticed), you need it at a higher temperature because it doesn’t have much of the additives to help with the pen hit, like propylene glycol, So your live resin cart needs to be at a higher temperature to hit it. I know you used the ancient roots certified pen but those will buttf you every single time. So get a dab concentrate pen that has a higher heat setting 510 thread, preferably 3 heat settings, but doesn’t matter as long as it’s a higher voltage then your current one. But anyways hold down the button on your new 510 higher heat setting pen for a couple seconds and that will allow the concentrate that is stuck in the pen and preventing airflow to heat up and burn away. Preferably sucking while you do this is intended but for the first 4-5 second don’t. but anyways yea I overcomplicated it. Just get higher heat setting pen and hold the button down to get that wax moving! Hope this helps!!

  11. Your information is nearly correct except you want lower voltage because it’s a more pure oil. Your live resins you want to vape around a 2.2-2.7V range if possible. You can catch a good rosin burn around 1.7-1.9V, plus you’ll save a lot more of your material. This is just generalized, as I had a similar experience with my Ancient Roots Live Rosin Cart. Preheat your carts too. I suggest getting Yocan Uni Pro and you can experiment yourself and see what works for you. Until then 💨👍✨

  12. For the money in ohio I dont think the carts are ever worth it. In Denver or detroit, maybe I might grab one Cause they're priced at 15 to 30 dollars for a full gram or 2. As a heavy smoker, I like the "on the go, at work, wherever " usability of carts, but to keep it "fifty fifth skreet", I dont feel like I've ever had on that actually scratched the itch. Like it's a in between sesh kinda deal for me....

  13. You are using the wrong battery. Live rosin carts need to be used at the lowest voltage possible (I do 1.8-2.0). Using a battery like this will cause you problems with a live rosin cart every time. They are not the same as distillate or live resin.

  14. Can you explain this to me Indepth? What do you mean the lowest voltage possible? Like one of those batteries that has multiple smoke settings? Or an actual low voltage battery?

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