Mixed flower

  1. Hope your luck with Chizle is better than mine. I'm batting 0 for 4 with them and don't see myself ever buying from them again.

  2. Yeah, chizle super dries their flower and they use a remediation box as well. I tried a few jars from them and they all had a weird funk/hay to them, I enjoyed the effects tho and the nugs were decent looking

  3. I don't think it's mixed flower. It can be different colors and come off of the same plant strain. Just like someone else said, it could be a different phenotype. It happens. I don't personally like chizzle. Their stuff is like dust. There was nothing "sticky" about their sticky buns. Smh.

  4. Interesting. I've got chixle down to three strains I like the Afghani,GG4, and the SFV. PRICES ARE PRETTY DECENT BUT FLOWER IS SUOER DRY. COKOH is also with them and the FECO they make is really good

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