Recently bought a BR (buckeye relief) cart and it was sticky and clogged:( what are your go to?

  1. If you use a hair dryer on hot and low on your cart it’ll loosen it back up, I know it’s annoying but at least it’s a fix usually

  2. Luster, especially now with the Live Resin pods from Klutch & soon from Grow Ohio, plus the fact that most LLC’s produce the luster pods now, so your choices are plentiful. Btw- I’m not a big PGR err I mean Klutch fan, but their O-43 LR pod is legit. It tastes better than 99% of the LR carts I’ve had in VEGAS, Portland, Denver, or Seattle. So, credit where it is due….

  3. I just got one today to try it out a lot of people commented on this! Is there a difference with the live resin? Dispo told me it’s similar to dabs?

  4. Klutch is the only answer for cartridges. I used to think I was doing something wrong. I had leaks and clogs before I made it half way through. When I switched to Klutch, all of those problems went away. Store it upright and try not to let the temperature fluctuate too drastically.

  5. I’m a big fan of the select CLIQ pods lately; but I also like BR’s carts and haven’t had any issues.

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