Time to provide Terpene results to the patients: FireRock/Woodward and Grow Ohio

  1. If this were a truly medical program this would be a requirement. Terpene profile is a big determining factor of the effects of cannabis.

  2. Today, the terpenes for the Animal Fire 2.83g I bought from the Amplify Coventry differed between what the website listed and what I got. I sent them an email. I understand that batch variations occur, but I chose this product for medical benefits based on the dominant terpenes listed on the website....

  3. Throw Firelands on that list too, only reason Idl buying from these 3 companies, and test results are impossible to find for them online, it should all be readily available

  4. firelands has menu online with their their terps at least, but i still feel it’s important to know the exact terpene content.

  5. I finally have an appt for getting my card for chronic back issues. I’ve heard countless times that terpenes are important for the effects. Can anyone with a little more knowledge and experience point me toward some reputable information on terpenes in general and/or the medicinal effects of specific ones? Anything on how they are selected for or increased in strains or what to look for to ensure they are present? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

  6. Did get some grow ohio layer cake a few days ago. You're right, it was dry and terp levels are low but it did accept moisture from a pack this time, helping it out alot. Layer cake is a good sleeper for me.

  7. It would be as easy as putting a qr code on the label that links to the coa, surprised more companies arent interested/havent thought of it. This is one of the main complaints i see in the program that can be remedied easily. Good on Chizle for doing it.

  8. Woodward has good flower, are you saying it has no terps? I guess I have noticed some batches being kind of terp bland.

  9. I wouldn’t say that they have no terps, but definitely on the low side. I feel like they are pressured to sell as dry as possible to make as much profit as possible. Once it’s dried you can’t ever get the terps back. It’s a hard sell for a $40 tenth. At least the “medical” program has sales unlike any other prescription drug.

  10. Woodward wouldn’t even give me terpene results when I emailed them. They only wanted to give me cannabinoids and nothing else. Seemed kinda sketchy. I wanted to see the terps on a robot batch but they wouldn’t.

  11. Op: it’s not time. My conclusion after two years in this program and traveling to Illinois, Michigan, & California is that Firerock/Woodward is one of the best cultivators across the country and some batches can go up against the best bud from any state. Information is great, however I am very satisfied with the taste, smell and effects from their flower so as a consumer I am in no rush for this info. I’d rather ask them to stay true to their process as they continue to expand. Don’t wanna see dekeifed bud after the extracts come out if you know what I mean

  12. Woodward is the only company in ohio who’s weed is actually sticky to the finger for 20 seconds+ Woodward is doing something right just wish it was more available and cheaper

  13. Should expect nothing less from these pesticide filled bud companies. Idk about woodward though.

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