Sauce is great.. packaging..not so much

  1. It's just not that.. it's the fact that when the grooves caught, it only made it tighter.. something in there us backwards..

  2. Lmao I had to do the same exact thing for the Straight Sauce packaging after not being able to open it for 25 mins. The other strains I've gotten from BR I didn't have an issue.

  3. 3rd time this has happened.. it's like thee grooves are backwards inside the top cover.. luckily, the inside content is great (hell on wheels d&s), and now it I super easy to open, but really!?!?!?

  4. Happened to me with hell on wheels diamonds and sauce. It is 3/4 closed in my fridge because i wont be able to open it if i close it again. BTW i thought it tasted like pencil shavings. Effects were good though

  5. So I did. Thanked me and offered me 25 bucks for the feedback.. works for me . Thanks fux the damn jars- lol

  6. Happened to me with several of their jars of flower, had to do a similar type of breaking into the damn thing lol. And I've also had some where it was no issue to open them at all.. Idk wtf they've got going on, but it's definitely their jars. While I'm not a grandma w/arthritis, I'm 38 with chronic pain from cancer so trying to grip their fucked up jars is impossible and painful , I've had zero problems opening any other jars in the program.. BR needs to do better, I honestly stopped buying from them for this exact reason

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