1. If you're just looking to make your own drinks, try the Infusion Powder by Grow Ohio. One Orijin just released one as well, but I can remember what they call it.

  2. Not the answer you’re looking for but why not just put it directly in your mouth or on a piece of food like pizza or something, it would surely work better I would imagine as oil and water don’t combine very well

  3. Well, I just like those elixirs they sell at the dispensary, and was hoping to make them myself to help with the cost -but it sounds to me like it won't work because it's oil and water.

  4. I just got the "One Orijin - nano beverage infusion pucks" they are about 10mg thc each. For $24 for a ten it's not terrible. I literally just poured my first one. I will try and report back

  5. If you can just buy some thc syrup and drink it straight out the bottle and chase with some sprite or something. Sadly I’ve been doing too much rso so no edibles hit me anymore lmaooo

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