For those who smoke more than twice a day - What flower strains are you go tos?

  1. I build up tolerance to individual strains quickly so need variety to keep that from happening. Mornings thru early afternoon are usually Verano Sunshine or BFE Sour Tangie. As my day winds down its Woodward Animal Face or Grapehead or Buckeye 92 cookies. Early evening Woodward Animal mints or Galenas Blueberry cookies or OCL Thin mints. Before bed wind down it Standard wellness mind trick (jedi kush) or Woodward Blueberry cheesecake to get a good night sleep. Standard wellness Animal Fire OG anytime my pain gets too out of control.

  2. This is the trick to keeping tolerance down; using multiple strains. I rotate 3-4 strains during the day and 3-4 different strains at night. I've been consuming cannabis for over 25 years and daily for 9 years, legally for 2 years. I use 1 gram of flower a day by switching it up and adding other cannabinoids to the mix. I really like cbd and cbg right now and both can be purchased legally online.

  3. I smoke throughout most days and prefer flower. I think I get the best bang for my buck and conserve with any high thc BR sativa smoked out of my bong. Even their lower thc stuff usually slaps too.

  4. Left flower and went to concentrates a couple years ago. Best decision ever. Firelands Scientific is #1 by far, followed by Buckeye Relief and Wellsprings Fields. Get a Huni Badger or Puffco Peak and get a g (or 0.84g 🙄 lol) that'll last you a few compared to flower. I can make a g last me a week and I'm smoking considerably less so my lungs feel better.

  5. For me that's a hard question lol. I'v been in the program 2 or so year's now and have collected quite the stash. Have like 50+ vape carts, a dozen + or so different flower's and like 20+ different concentrates. Do dabs normally in the evening, vape carts during the day till I'm home from work, then when I home sometimes might hit some different vapes carts, sometimes flower but not very often or I'll take an early dab lol. Vape carts that are on stay-by at this moment are grow ohio blue cheese, pure ohio grand daddy purp and klutch motor breath and klutch big head which is what iv been using for work the. Flower that iv been going with is Woodward sunset sherbet and concentrates iv been rotating between have been Cresco blood orange, Cresco ethos hash plant, Cresco bio j and firelands Tokyo sunset. Only reason I'v been using all those more when I have tons more to choose from is because there my newest and I tend to do that even though I have tons of stuff I probably should try and use haha.

  6. I've had my card exactly one year, and just renewed it. Got to try a lot over the past year. I'm a flower/concentrate kind of person, and I usually go with Certified flower and Luster pods or COKOH carts to have something convenient.

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