Just picked up a hundred percent labs live resin Vape cart( animal mints). What are your thoughts about hundred percent labs?

  1. Review - 5/5 stars. It actually has a live resin hit to it like you would if you were dabbing it. Terp profile is exceptional(for this strain). The taste is great. (Would recommend strongly

  2. Yes correct would not recommend highest setting just one that suits you. I recommend higher but that’s just me. Definitely get more of the terpenes taste on a lower setting!

  3. You should look into the Vuber pen. I absolutely love mine and I hope to see more people talk about it someday. I drove myself crazy looking for a pen that was worth the money

  4. Thanks for the review. I seen them on the menu these 100% Live resin. Will look out for them. I had tried the enlighten citrus cake × cbg. It was good. The ceramic cart is interesting.

  5. Yes ceramic cart but the heating 510 thread unit is metal (you probably know that though haha) But yea the hit on it is different from other carts like scientific firelands, klutch, and vapen. It’s a lighter hit (1.00mg/per 2 second inhale), but that’s because of the (actual)live resin in it. So putting your battery on a higher setting(if it has one) is helpful.

  6. I haven't tried the carts, but I bought Purple Jahgoo and Franco's Lemon Cheese crumble, and both were average, at best. Not something I'd buy again, or recommend.

  7. Their 1:1 high dose watermelon gummies produced some great relief. However the consistency was not very good on them, they were very chewy and had an artificial texture. Wana and standard wellness have a better texture/flavor but effects were largely the same. If you ever get bored hop on their Instagram page and check out their Ohio bicentennial barn tour. They are posting a barn from each county, it’s pretty cool!

  8. 💯 on the gummies. Poor flavor and texture. Smokiez are the best gummies, IMO. I grabbed six 100/10 packs on a 20% sale and was out the door for $96. They have awesome flavor, and will sneak up on you. The sour watermelon and sour blackberry are my favorites.

  9. I didn’t have much luck with the Deep Breath Live Resin cart I bought. Tastes terrible. I have the AVD seed battery and the Vapen handheld battery. Maybe I’ll try one of those. Right now I’m using a 900 mah Ooze pen battery.

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