Is Certified done?

  1. They were good til a few months ago. Got a half of grape pie x Kush mints and it was so dry and tasted like dirt. but they gave me my money back

  2. I still love certified, right now my stash is about a ounce of various certified strains. It ranges from average to very good to phenomenal. Last couple of days I’ve been hyping their Gasolina… this drop is outrageous, 10/10 super dank.

  3. You're right about the carts. I feel like people new to the program might be turned off of certified from the constant bad reviews of their carts. Even though I've known not to fuck with their carts for a long time now. Like, if you don't want distillate, don't buy distillate 😅

  4. Ok, this is good to know. If you go a couple posts down and look at the circus mintz post, everybody there is bashing them, including other strains. It just doesn't compute for me, I know their flower is gas

  5. I really loved the electric pb cookies. The nose and flavor, and stone, were all top notch for me. And before I had that, multiple people told me they hated the taste, and when I smelled it I was like this is what I look for haha. I've only bought LA Kush Cake from woodward and the high was incredible, I've smoked on the grapehead and enjoyed it though, but never bought. I do love the sherbhead and ICC from klutch, loved the nose on the lemon slushee but the effects are definitely not what I look for. The best Certified jar I may have ever bought was a 2.8 of Animal Mintz on a particularly potent run of it they had, it was one big nug and I've never had flavor like that. So unique

  6. U forgot Farkas... they're always 🔥 straight RAW..only thing is they only have 2.88..nvr found a 5.66+..want a half...even Woodward just5.66and fuck yes way way over priced but damn when it's a win yet onky in looks and ur gelens is beautiful but I've felt absolutely NOTHING from their line up and in talking wake n bake nothing from astral destiny psh then the white was beautiful but nothing wouldn't even burn really

  7. They over do it on strains and pheno hunting...find 6 or 8 good strains for and concentrate on those...quit trying to pheno hunt so much...I haven't had CC in a while...because I saw this trainwreck coming

  8. This i agree with. The original animal mintz they had was so ⛽, I really don't need so many variations on animal face x kush mints 😅they know which ones they have dialed in, I don't get that part either

  9. No haha really not..I just can't believe the amount of negative reviews. And $40 isn't a lot of money but I don't want it to be a complete gamble either.

  10. Ppl have been saying the effects are short lived. That’s a deal breaker for me especially at that price point.

  11. Eh. I was more asking for people with experience with their flower. The short lived effects thing has never made sense to me, if thc is thc, and terps are terps (and their terp game has always been on point for me), how can a strain be short lived compared to something else with the same chemical composition?

  12. I had the same experience. I LOVED everything I got from them when they first came out by us. Now it’s garbage. Looks like smalls almost all the time regardless of strain- not a huge deal except when you sell a jar that’s not cheap and it’s lil tiny buds. Anytime someone looks at it at our dispo they are like, nope.

  13. I’ve only tried their live resin truffletini carts and they tasted like burnt plastic. Literally the worst carts I’ve ever had. I must say though, I emailed them and they instantly replied and offered me a full refund via PayPal. That was cool at least.

  14. Shit I still love their flower. They have some amazing shit. Just had some Apple Slapz and Dark Rainbow and Dirty Little Secret the other week and all 3 were fire fire! They got some beasty Tongue Splasher out right now.. Concrete Jungle, Jungle Fire, Kush Face.. They haven't gone anywhere..

  15. I'm new to dispensary flowers but I've had a couple of certified strains that really aided my condition and one of the main companies I look for.

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