Do we get higher holding in hits.

  1. I dunno if this is accurate but I’ve thought about this and maybe by holding it in you’re depriving your brain of oxygen so it might give you more of a head rush for a short period of time because of that? But not in terms of highness from the actual hit. Not a scientist though.

  2. Almost everything you want from the plant is absorbed in milliseconds after inhalation. Holding it generally can only be negative. But you will get more out of your hits if your inhale deep when you take a hit.

  3. Yes and no. Are you actually getting higher? Nope, THC absorption happens nearly instantly. Holding your breath causes your blood pressure to shift rapidly and can cause what’s called a “head rush” from the difference in blood oxygen. Normally, we’d register this as just a sense of calmness (think doing deep breaths when you’re upset) BUT when you combine it with the onset of THC the felt sensation of the effect is amplified. Hope this helps 😊

  4. I agree THC absorption happens immediately but at what degree? Your lungs rarely use half the oxygen they intake on a normal breath, and the rate at which THC diffuses into the bloodstream hasn’t been defined from what I can tell. All of this is hypotheticals or conjecture, not enough research has been done for a definitive answer.

  5. Pretty sure I saw an article saying holding it in doesn’t do what we think, but it’s still my preference to hold in that first big rip

  6. It's better to chase your hit with a short inhalation of air which helps get the cannabis deeper in your lungs. Depending on your consumption method, for vaping, it can take as long as 15 mins for it to reach the full effect. Holding your breath my make you cough, which will get you higher, but there are much more pleasant ways to get higher than coughing.

  7. When I got the card the doctor said that your lugs only absorb for 2-3 seconds but you can trick them into more by a short exhale and a suck it back in. Something some medical study who knows but inhale deep exhale just a little and suck it back do it two or thee time.

  8. I've heard that 3 seconds is the maximum time needed to absorb all thc in a hit. I've always been holding each hit in at least that long, especially dabs, always feels like I get significantly hogher that way.

  9. No, your body has a cutoff point where no more THC is making it in. You’re just holding your breath, cutting oxygen, and holding smoke/vapor in your lungs. What feels “higher” is lack of oxygen to your brain.

  10. No. But I have read you can damage your lungs doing it. My theory is that we’ve come a long way from hitting nasty bowls in the back seat and trying to hold it in as long as possible. You’ve got nothing to prove. Just enjoy your meds!

  11. It's not about how long you are holding it in so much as it is how well you are circulating it through your lungs. You don't have to hold it for an extended of time but you do want to pull the smoke down before you blow it out. That takes a few seconds. That's a proper inhale. Never understood people that will hit the bowl and blow it out immediately.

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