storing rosin or resin from dispo

  1. Long term in the fridge, just make sure you let it come to room temp before opening. The more stable you can keep the temp with less swings the better itll keep

  2. What’s bringing them to room temp be4 opening do ? Can’t just take it out the fridge measure your dab and put it back in the fridge?

  3. Okay now for the last few months most of them have been in my.closet or stash box which is cool and dark, would they still be okay if I moved them to the fridge now?

  4. I Store in a dark dry area just below room temp, jars tight within air tight canister. I’ll check them every time I take a dab and rotate what I’m dabbing. Never had a problem with smell or taste storing this way. The fridge works but I’ve never found it necessary.

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