Best topical I've tried for pain relief. Not too greasy and actually moisturizes the skin! Come with a pump top so it's practically mess free. 200mg THC 800mg CBD Butterfly effect massage oil

  1. It has a strong smell so not if they make you sensitive to smells. It's labeled as black chamomile but the flower scent is also lightly there. Hope that helps.

  2. Agreed, really great. I also liked the Dr. Solomon's transdermal balm. Although better coverage with the massage oil. Nice addition to a spiritual cleanse session.

  3. It lasts about 2-3months and I apply some daily after the shower. It doesn't take a lot but also doesn't give that "medicated" feeling nor is it instant pain relief. Over the day the pain is less with the topical oil and my mood seems better with less pain.

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