Get excited Ohio!! O43 live resin lusters are here 🍊🔥

  1. Aaahhh damn. Ya it’s one of those strange terps that not everyone is into I feel. They will definitely have new flavors in the future though, something to look forward to!

  2. Nice. I've warmed up to the luster pods so having a live resin option from Klutch will be exciting when I can get my hands on it. Even their regular luster pods are pretty smooth.

  3. I Highly recommend if you enjoy pods, super smooth and best effects imo, I also love the flavor. Very much like I said in the caption, a carrot like green leafy veg taste with some citrus and pine. Can’t quite put my finger on it yet, it’s vexing

  4. Damn the downvote army is out in full force on all these reviews. Bunch of positive posts getting sent to 0 immediately. Someone’s butt hurt about these being released and I think that’s probably a good thing for patients. I’m going to be buying extra because of it.

  5. This must taste so damn good. Next highest amount of terpinolin I've seen is in a Rollins concetrate, and that stuff tastes insanely good, so I can only imagine..

  6. Ya I’ve seen some high terpinolene numbers on Rollins before. The flavor makes me think of carrots out of my garden growin up as a kid, they taste way different than store bought

  7. Sorry if this has been asked and answered in previous posts but will all of their Luster Pods be Live Resin from now on or is this a new product in addition to the regular pods? I ask because I searched for Live Resin Luster Pods on I heart Jane and some of the results took me to dispo menus that do not list them as being the Live Resin type.

  8. These are their test run live resin lusters and 510 carts that were released at select dispos. Soon klutch as well as Grow Ohio will have live resin and co2 carts/lusters available but for now they have only been released certain locations

  9. Super quality, they are a little pricey, but worth it if you think you can savor it haha, I don’t know if I’ll be able to 😅

  10. These are running at 70$, a little pricey but it’s a treat for sure, so delicious, it would be hard for me to pay more though.

  11. Lots of terps. In my opinion the propane/n-butane live resin is typically super terpy and very delicious out of carts or lusters (I personally prefer solventless extracts like live rosin when taking dabs out of a rig or peak). Some people don’t like bho, that’s totally fine, but comparatively to co2 oil it will have more terpenes, which means better effects and overall medication

  12. I get that the product is new to the area, and I love their flower, but I can’t get too pumped about a live resin pod at this price. Hoping Ohio catches up to offer patients a better selection of hash rosin/solventless carts sometime soon.

  13. Hey to each their own, I totally respect your opinion, and I do agree we should have access to live res carts, live ros carts or solventless of any kind, I’m just happy because to me this is at the very least a step in that direction. I’m not the biggest fan of bho concentrates but the flavor on this cart is outstanding. Just my 2 cents

  14. I'd rather have an ICC LR. Sativas just aren't for me. I'm excited they finally decided to do LR though. How's the taste compared to the O43 co2 Extracted lusterpod?

  15. Night and day haha, it’s so much more flavorful I agree though, I’d love an indica and icc would be perfect!!

  16. Can anyone recommend some good carts that are available in the Northeast Ohio area? I’m hip to Klutch but was recently let down by Firelands Scientific. Their live rosin carts, at least the batch I had, were pretty bad. I love live resin and live rosin, as long as they’re the real thing. Any recommendations would be sincerely appreciated.

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