I’ve had them for about 2-3 months in a dark space does the darkness mean they’ve gone bad?

  1. It’s probably due to oxidation. As others have said, very mild thc breakdown as well, but i think the color is just due to oxidation. No worries. These are fine to use. They won’t really go bad as long as the hardware holds up and they are stored right (to prevent clogs and leaks). You may just notice a loss in flavor due to terpene breakdown and evaporation. My guess is any potency loss would be minimal.

  2. I’ve used lusters that were 10 months past production date, and tbh have noticed little difference. I try to not let them sit too long after using them cause they’ll want to clog, best to only have 1-2 open and use them up before opening others. The ones you have look fine, that’s a lot to waste if your only concern is they’ve been open a few months.

  3. Some pods are sold really dark. I’ve bought one strain from Klutch and pure Ohio and it was dark before I even used it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with either one of them

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