Someone or group has targeted Klutch on Instagram. *Klutch to have Live Resin!*

  1. Funny how all growohios stuff on Reddit always gets taken down…. What a gross thing to do. Lifting each other up will only benefit the market as a whole in the long run. These companies only care about a quick buck.

  2. Seeing some of the thinly veiled obvious-reps-attacking-brand-X that goes on around here, like when certain brands report drops, it's not surprising.

  3. I wonder how much of this started after a klutch employee called Ohio medical cannabis patients a bunch of addicts and drug feins (not a direct quote but something very similar)? I remember a lot of people being very upset and taking it very personal.

  4. Still bullshit. That was like a year ago and they fired the dude right away. People were upset when they thought the guy would get away with it. He did not.

  5. Hard agree there. Personally I read this as projection and frustration that their sales have dipped more than anything

  6. Anyone “in the legal industry” with Even just a few hundred followers can run into this.. it’s not always a conspiracy either. If you use hashtags right now that are tied to cannabis on a public profile your just asking for it. Instagram is NOT friendly except for taking your money for advertisements for paraphernalia and grow lights.

  7. Woodward only grows flower and that's their specialty. No concentrates just flower. Cyber attacks happen every day and it's not always competition.

  8. Isn't this the company that thinks its supplying addicts, but has no problem taking their money? Maybe it's not competitors reporting them but disgruntled patients.

  9. Read previous comments. This is such a dumb comment lol 1 person doesn’t rep their company. They fired dude right away, donated, etc. Dude above just said it

  10. Well when you come out to be top 2 of elite brands in OHIO the haters will hate. I’m gonna guess it’s are certified brand friends LOL

  11. FS was trash at the start of the program from what I've Been Told. Even by employees. They've definitely up their game at least with the flower. Can't think of too many purchases of theirs I've been disappointed with, although there have been one or two. I like that they're not afraid to try different strains. Still in my top5 producers in the state

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