( sorry if this has been answered already) Oil seems to be in the bottom part. Is it leaking? Is it an issue I should be worried about? Enough to contact GO? I hit it twice before I noticed .

  1. Is it tcc? I just bought the starter kit cause it was 30 % off and it was the same way I sent email and they are handling it you need the label and receipt thought don’t throw away!

  2. Yeah contact them for sure. It’s a defective pod. Should still be able to use it but obviously won’t get that oil. Will also start to get harder to pull once oil hits the contacts in your battery

  3. I did. Got a visa e gift card although I wish they would have just been able to venmo or paypal me the money . Can't even use it at dispensaries that accept debit cards because it doesn't have a pin. Oh well. I do need a new 510 battery I guess lol. Better than nothing , and the pod started hitting last night after being clogged up so not all is lost. They were really fast about it and gave it to me within 24 hours. Any G.O. people on here, thank you for being prompt & professional . Customer service goes a long way with me personally.

  4. I probably should also mention it was on sale in a starter kit in the clear the Vault section at rise. Not that it should matter because it's well within the time frame of expiration .Manufactured end of August. Packaged end of October. So it's not THAT old. It is in one of the older style pods without the logo. I did hit it twice before I noticed.

  5. No, one I know better than that and 2, I have several batteries. It's just I got the kit on sale for $45 otd. I was already using a fully charged battery. And like I said I only hit it twice and they were tiny hits.

  6. I emailed them last night and got a response this morning. They're "investigating" but said I will receive a refund. Wonder what they're investigating. The dispo maybe? Idk. Either way does anyone know how exactly you receive a refund from them? I hope it's been venmo or something , and not a stupid ecard.

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