Can someone help me find deals?

  1. It always is it's just when they email hundreds of people, sometimes the system doesn't e-mail EVERYONE. Nothing that can be done about it

  2. Signing up rarely does any good. The few times I get any emails from a place the sales are everywhere but near me.

  3. I usually just check the three closest despensaries nearby. at midnight if I'm up, or in the morning and check the price reduction.

  4. I usually look for 8.49g - or larger flower buys. Personally, I only buy over 24% thc. Break the purchase down into single grams and do the math. It will quickly help you know what a "deal" is.. Imo, you will start to notice that any bud that meets or exceeds that thc level @ $10 or less per gram - is a "deal" (when compared to our unfortunate already overpriced system). I'm not sharing any secrets, just what I've grown accustomed to paying.

  5. sign up for the emails from the dispensary that you will shop at, I get emails from about 5 different dispensaries but usually only shop at one, lol

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