1. Good to hear! I was surprised the 3 point turn has 31% THC! I know people say that THC levels don’t matter that much but someone needs to tell the dispensaries that!! I was happy to get it for 25 bucks. I’m ashamed to say I just paid 52 dollars a week or so ago for a 2.83 Second Breakfast!!!

  2. They are a brand new cultivator, grown in Ohio so just keep an open mind trying their products. Give them a chance to get there feet wet and figure this out. We all got to start somewhere I bought 3 Point Turn but have not tried it yet. Smells good and buds are moist

  3. I found Head Change by birdsong just the other day. The dispensary website lists it as a Pure Ohio product, and now reading the back of the bottle i see manufactured by Pure Ohio. From of the container just says Birdsong though. I agree about the completely underwhelming packaging. The Head Change comes in at 19.3% THC. Overall i like the product, just a little on the dry side. My dispensary had the day units at $15 a piece, I went on a 20% of day so I got them for $12. I couldn't pass up the deal and I bought 25 of them. 2.5 ounces for about $325 OTD. P.S. I also found 1 seed so far but accidentally smoked it, lol.

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