706mg edible (oil) [2 day] Vs 110mg edible (food/drink)[1 day] Ohio should stop putting profit over patients. Give Ohio Patients access to the 35$ 500mg bars and 55$ 1000mg edibles....

  1. Can anyone tell me if they've ate a dablicator ? I've read you can ingest basically any form of thc, distillate, extract, or whatever..haven't tryd myself..curious if uts as good as the rso?This 100% wasted so many days on edibles b4 I found rso & feco. Really wish we had $25 grams of rso an feco like other states..edibles are a complete waste of days imo..everything can be made from the rso..

  2. As long as it's decarbed (which stuff like distillate, FECO/RSO,etc should be). Alot of rosins and resins won't be fully converted or converted much at all in certain circumstances. But Firelands, ancient roots, etc from what I've seen in our program do decarb their live oil in the dablicators and syringe. But the regular rosin from them won't be decarbed or at least not fully

  3. Yes. I would prefer to have 30 to 50 mg of edibles and a rosin dab before I leave and start my day. I have to buy quite a bit every time I go there.

  4. Not saying you are wrong. BUT, you are going to ruin dablicator RSO oil for people by posting this for Pharmacy to read. Pretty soon they are going to end up not allowing processors to sell activated oil like this for vaporization. Activated RSO is one of the best kept “secrets” for patients in this Program.

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