Kush Face by Certified cultivators Animal Face x Kush mints #11 The buds are like smalls which is disappointing because it's not labeled or Priced as such. That's the only negative thing I have to say about it. Leaning towards the Indica side buzz comes on fast and strong, I like this one. 🔥🔥⛽⛽

  1. Certified uses seed junkys and exotic genetics so they have the genetics their growing isn't consisted though so is thier quality ull buy bigs and they won't b bigs the shakes n smalls r hit or miss

  2. I got this one at the forest in Springfield I've also seen the exact same batch at terrasana in Springfield and Columbia care in Dayton. I guess that's only helpful if you're in this area. This one's excellent I like it a lot certified flower has been really really good lately.

  3. I grabbed some of Certifieds Dark Rainbow and Apple Slapz the other day and they are both fire! The smell on the apple slapz is awesome and the buzz from both rock.. this one looks pretty tasty as well..

  4. This one is pretty good! If you can find the latest batch of the Southside legend at 33%, it is straight gas it's definitely in the top three strongest batches of flower I've had in the Ohio program! I just started seeing those two on the menu I was hoping that they were going to be good! I'm going to pick up the Apple slapz tomorrow.

  5. Banana Daddy by Certified Cultivators have huge buds fyi yeah. I just got the Kush Face idk it had quite a pungent Chem smell. I was a little bummed haven't really wanted to try it. Only strains that make me somewhat noided out.

  6. Thanks for the heads up I've been checking out the banana Daddy but I wasn't sure about it I did get that banana pudding from Ohio clean leaf is pretty good appreciate the info

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