Newbie Med Card Holder (need advice!)

  1. I may be a bit of an outlier, but I don’t find hardly any discernible difference from one dispensary to another in terms of real dollar value. Most of them all carry the same brands, or a selection of the same prices. You can judge yourself by opening up a few dispensary websites in tabs and comparing their prices; you may note some sale prices and those are worth investigating. However, you will likely also see, as I did, that dollar for dollar and pound for pound they all offer about the same thing at about the same price - sale prices being the big difference. So if you are someone who wants to constantly scour the program for sales, you will consequently have to drive around and often out of your way to save $10-20. Occasionally I will see someone post here who managed to find a number of items all on sale and come out the door with what I view as a worthwhile venture. As someone who drives about Ohio for my job, however, I am not driving 30 minutes out of my way to save $20 nor do I want to spend my time scouring for sales and then racing to the dispensary on that day for some “great bargain”. The point of all this blabbering is to try out a few dispensaries and see which one you like. As far as medicine to help with your ailments, that’s also going to come down to some trial and error on your part, sadly. I personally am VERY skeptical about the differences between sativa, indica, and hybrid. It is all same same, but different, if you will. For me, the effect most closely tracks to the delivery: cartridges and vapes hit fast but also dissipate fast; smoking flower, esp rolled in a joint or blunt, hits hard and effects linger, and then edibles hit slow but can be the most potent if you take the right dose. Everyone on this thread has been very nice and helpful, it seems to be a good community. Best of luck to you on your journey!

  2. The botanist is great for more top shelf options, Ohio provisions in Carroll, Ohio has great mid to top shelf options, and if you are willing to make the drive Pure Ohio Wellness in London has great budget options. As far as brands go I have found that Galenas, buckeye relief/willies reserve, ancient roots, and Woodward have been the best. However, don’t sleep on the pure Ohio wellness locally grown deals and the deal of the day.

  3. If you are willing to drive to Lebanon, they have the best dispensary IMO. Best prices in the whole state.

  4. I highly recommend getting a luster pod kit. If you search this subreddit for luster you’ll see everyone loves them. Thats if you wanna vape though. Idk ur preferred consumption method

  5. Ive found a dispo that i can order online and do curb side. I then pretty much shop deals. This medicine is expensive!

  6. Certified cultivators pure Ohio wellness klutch when it's above 27% Buckeye relief. Strains lemon dosey do straight sauce South side legend Dirty Little secret Kings mustache greasy runts sinmints wedding cake. As far as dispensaries whatever dispensary is having the best deal that day on what you want they all have pretty much the same thing they just have different sale days. But for a deal Pure Ohio wellness in London has an $18 flower everyday $96 a half ounce try the monkey paste sinmints and animal mints and mad River Kush when it comes back around.

  7. I'm also pretty new to the program, but the favorite things I've tried so far for that energetic feel you mentioned (I also have depression, anxiety, and PTSD - as well as ADHD - and I find sativas especially helpful with all of the above) have been GrowOhio/Butterfly Effect Star Dawg F2 (flower), and Certified Cultivators has a Mango Kush vape cart (oil).

  8. Shop the sales after you find the cultivators you prefer. I like Buckeye Relief and I have access to 3 dispensaries in my area and more than 5 in Columbus if I’m gonna be visiting my daughter. That 20% off can be the difference of a couple free 2.83 flowers.

  9. If you want to be fast and pay full price usually the botanist is a higher end dispo imo. I go to verdant creations. Long lines but they have deals. Idk if i recommend but theyre worth trying. They have 20% off all processed products on saturdays

  10. As far as flower goes: Klutch , Firelands are probably the most consistent ( avoid klutch super lemon dog though 👎🏻) quality wise.

  11. I have shopped around all kinds of different cultivators and products, and I cannot strongly suggest Klutch enough to you. They're the only ones that have been so consistent that it made me love having a card. Their stuff consistently helps my depression and anxiety and insomnia, everything. I'd strongly suggest you pick up Orange 43 for depression and anxiety. And I'd suggest Big Head for sleeping. Their carts always work as well which is rare for other companies lol

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