What's your Tolerance like?

  1. Honestly too high. I vape way too much and barely get the relief I need anymore. Been meaning to take a tolerance break, but it's hard when you need your medicine.

  2. I feel you. My worry is the same as yours, but I'm trying to find out if my 3 times a day is too much or not. 3 Aura Flowermate vapes, morning lunch and bedtime most days.

  3. I’ve been vaping flower daily for three years. In my opinion, the key to a healthy tolerance comes from this:

  4. I love the way you wrote this. It makes a ton of sense to me, and I'm going to reflect on all of it for a while.

  5. I buy a half oz every 2 weeks when paid and a g vape of live resin as well. And then do the same thing the next 2 weeks and that’s my routine . I have saved 14 2.83 jars and I put a gram in each one and those are my daily supplies. So I smoke a gram a day and hit the live resin vapes about 5 to 7 times each morning. And I have found that to keep the tolerance down and still fulfill my medical needs.

  6. is 1 gram your everyday routine? I don't even know how much I use in my vape tbh. As for concentrates, etc.. I have a puffco which I don't use too often, but when I do use it it's only for 1 dab.

  7. What are dynavap caps? I've never heard of that, but I mainly stick to flower but I have a puffco also. My day usually consists of 3 sessions. Morning, lunch and before bed all through the Aura Flowermate vape pen.

  8. i only vape flower and rarely use edibles/RSO. i use a Solo vaporizer and try to loosely pack the bowl, about .05-.1 grams. depending on the pain, GI symptoms, or stress. i try to put around 15 hours between my last vape of the night and my next vape of the day. i also do feel like my tolerance can be too high at times, especially if im tempted to vape back to back. but i’ve made an effort to cut back my amount and number of sessions per day. but at this point, like 5-7 sessions a day.

  9. Yeah I tried that a couple weeks ago I knew not to keep doing that I don't want my tires to be that damn high it's already hot enough

  10. Real quick, because a lot of people make this mistake and I just think it is nice when we all learn new things: your interest has been piqued, not peaked :)

  11. I use between a gram to 1.5 grams of flower daily. Sometimes more on the weekends. I used to vape all day and use less flower but my tolerance was so high. Have taken off 6 weeks from Luster pods and as much as I miss them it’s been definitely a positive to switch to mainly flower for me (and cheaper). Lusters are now only for being discreet or a treat for me nowadays

  12. I feel the same about luster pods. They're awesome but dangerous for my tolerance lol. Flower is great, but I'm curious on the topic above. Amounts used and how often, I'm really curious in those aspects to see where I'm at specifically in ohio with everyone else.

  13. I’m a medical user as well, so I can’t really take a T break. I vape about a gram a day through my Mighty. split up into about 4 Storz&Bickel capsules. (About 0.2ish grams in each one)

  14. Just a friendly PSA. Cannabis works like an anti-depressant. If you go from an ultra high tolerance to quitting cold turkey, you will experience withdrawal symptoms that range from mild caffeine withdrawal to rage/irritability/sleeplessness/headache/etc. It takes about 48 hours for them to set in and then about 2 weeks to clear if this happens to you. During that time it’s easy to just start using again because the symptoms will go away.

  15. It also depends on the strain. Some take literally one drag & you’re zingin’ and others take a whole j.

  16. I need to take a break, but it helps with too many conditions to break very often. But I'm a high tolerance person; I dab more than anything. Concentrates work super well for me.

  17. Thats wild. Holy shit 😮 Like, I couldn't do that if I tried . You sir/ma'am have earned my respect AND an upvote.

  18. I take tolerance breaks during the week and only medicate after eating dinner or on the weekends. That’s helped keep my tolerance low.

  19. Awesome. I wish I could only use once a day, but this pain is on me before I leave the bed lol. I haven't tried any kind of T break (other than when i have covid this past summer) and tbh I'm afraid to.

  20. I feel like I'm at 1 gram or more depending on how my back feels that day. I don't have a scale to measure but I hope to get a decent one soon. I've been curious to know how much I use on a session for a while.

  21. Usually vape dry herb 3-4 times daily. In the evening if my back is hurting or I'm having trouble sleeping I will switch to concentrates such as live resin and the occasional edible.

  22. I'm phasing out vapes for a bit. That in itself will reduce my intake. I'll keep going flower and make some tasties for myself. I figure this should help with tolerance.

  23. I thought my tolerance was high until I started smoking flower and hash rosin almost exclusively. Things change quickly when rosin is your go-to daily lol.

  24. I try to keep mine at bay.I get pretty high still, but not like at 1st. I don't mess with concentrates. I only do Edibles a few times a year ( its a waste for me,but I still try lol) . I use about 1-2 grams a day. Sometimes only a bowl, sometimes like 4-5 joints. Never more than 2 packers a day if Im using my Pax3. All depends if I need it but thats usually my max. I do use vape oil in between , and honestly it's what I use mostly throughout the day . I also quit for about 2 years ( legal) before getting a card .

  25. One, maybe two hits from a vape pen, every day around dinner time. I only take a second hit occasionally and it is hours later to sleep.

  26. My tolerance is weird, It can get pretty bad especially with one strain in using but the second I change up methods it’s like it resets by like 20% and say I go a couple days without medicating I’ll get completely blasted off. So I guess I’m kinda lucky

  27. I dab to my hearts content and until my brain barley functions and the 1.7g for $83ish still lasts me two weeks. I use rso for at work to. I extremely lowered my tolerance by simply switching to flower and carts for a week or two. This week I picked wax back up and I’m getting stupid high off of less concentrate. That’s how I manage tolerance without ever quitting once.

  28. Sounds costly, but if it works it works. So 1.7g of concentrate lasts you 2 weeks? I find my concentrate going quickly within a week, using a puffco. I flower pretty much all day, everyday.

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