Favorite Growers Ranked

  1. Klutch, Galenas (try to find the 5.66 Artifact, it does not disappoint!), Pure Ohio, Buckeye Relief, Ancient Roots (these guys also have amazing concentrates if you are into that), Woodward. These are my personal faves. Happy hunting!

  2. Buckeye Relief, Klutch, Galenas and Certified are my go to cultivators. Woodward is solid, especially Animal Face and R’ntz

  3. Oooh ya I haven’t been able to try them out yet, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for anything Farkas , Ive heard great things

  4. Galenas/ Klutch, RC/Grow Ohio. It all comes down to the dry/cure. Some do it better than others. I’ve noticed that RC has improved drastically in this dept. I just had some Blue Steel & it was bouncy where I had to keep pressing on it to stay in my glass & it burned long and slow like good shit should.

  5. Still pretty new to having a card, and admittedly have only tried a handful of growers, but so far the best and most consistent IMO are Galenas and Woodward. Have yet to see OCL anywhere near me.

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