What are the best vaporizers (luster pods) on the market and why? Trying to get into them but people say “full spectrum co2” is the best… I really need knowlege on what to buy…. Any thoughts would be much appreciated…. Also 510’s that are good would be nice to know about…

  1. Tbh I would also say Pure Ohio pods are up there with Klutch and BE, I haven’t had a lot of them but the ones I’ve had have been solid, great tasting and hit just fine.

  2. And also you would prob say it’s a no go on the elxr as well…. I mean I figured, but I don’t understand the difference between full spectrum and the garbage oils I have tried from POW and Buckeye….

  3. You can have full spectrum co2 in a luster pod. It’s a different delivery device. One of the biggest misconceptions I see on here is that they put a different oil in the luster. That’s not true. It has a dual heating element instead of a single so it vape a little hotter which makes it hit a little harder which is why people think they’re more effective. You can get adjustable voltage 510s that can output similarly to a luster. The puffco plus pen is a 510 thread and it gets nice a hot. Also airo batteries run a little hotter too because they’re essentially a modified 510 that has a ceramic element instead of cotton inside so it can burn a little hotter. Putting a 510 in an airo runs the risk of burning out the cotton inside.

  4. Thanks but def not my question. Idk if it’s 510 or luster or whatever company. I just need to know the right one…. The klutch pods are not full spectrum, correct? And personally I don’t know the difference between full spectrum and distillate as far as the medicine is concerned. I would get Ancient Roots live rosins but they just aren’t available. So my question was, who makes the second best pods and why?? I’m getting some grow Ohio, elxr and Klutch pods cause they are all on sale. But I hear rhythm is also good. I am just confused and don’t want to fuck my meds up with shitty distillate. I was told the POW carts and lusters were great. They taste like distillate and zero terps with cbd. Idk if any of this makes sense. I just can’t drop anymore money on garbage 🗑

  5. Distillate is bland leftovers...essentially whatever is left from the grows is swept into a pile and made into Distillate. Nothing strain specific. Then they add flavor from non thc flowers...aka botanical terpenes.

  6. Yup. Got O43, ICC, Triangle Mints and Lemon Slushee. They taste better than the 3 dif times I had them before and the luster pod was totally clear…. I literally got a Big Head maybe 3 months old that tasted like bad distillate and wasn’t even clear, and the terps on it were abysmal. All the terps on this drop are fire and the Triangle Mints is like a Terpene Belushi…. Plus they were 8 bucks cheaper than they used to be…. I’m getting my meds and kinda saving my lungs. So I guess I gotta ask, since grow Ohio is now 5 dollars more expensive per luster and don’t list terpenes, can they even compete with Klutch…. Cause if grow Ohio pods are better than Klutch I would be happy to pay the extra five…. I had one years ago but shit, that don’t mean Jack…..

  7. From my experience I like the Grow Ohio and Klutch pods. I just recently tried the Hells on Wheels Pure Ohio pod and I also recommend that one

  8. Yeah I’m klutching it up, and hopefully They got the strawberry 🍓 fields GO pod…. I mean they do but not trying to pay the extra 12 for the kit, you gotta GO luster go to pod? Like if yer getting GO what’s your strain??

  9. Maybe it’s just me, but Strawberry fields is actually one of my least favorite of the Grow Ohio Luster Pods. Try Layer Cake, Burkle, Blueberry Vintage, or Triple Chocolate Chip.

  10. Yep, I didn’t get that one and I’m so glad I didn’t, because the Klutch pods are not only 5 bucks cheaper at my dispo, they list terps and a bunch of great shit. Plus every single one tested for thcv…. That’s so you don’t get the munchies! But if grow ohios oil is better I would def pay the price, but I really like knowing what’s in my shit. It’s this stupid sub, they made me care about things like finding the Ultimate terpene belushi…. So I gotta ask, if you like grow Ohio better than Klutch, have you tried Klutch’s new drop, cause it blows away anything I ever got from them in the last 18 months, and of course I wasn’t saying you preferred anything above anything but I vaped 4 of these strains and it has just made me rambly and curious as well as just an all over great feeling…. Lemme know if any of this makes sense….

  11. I have enjoyed the Buckeye Relief Straight Sauce and Kings Mustache live resin carts. No distillate and the flavor/effects have been great. These are screw-in 510 thread carts

  12. Pure Ohio Gelato in the luster pods has been so good to me. if you like gelato which I do that’s the one. Gonna be awhile before I’m sick of it and try something else 😂 I like how many full spec options are out there now.

  13. Yep, picked one of those up, effects were good, I just wish they posted the terps, but the value is definitely there, but since they lowered the klutch luster price 10 bucks they are gonna be hard to beat…. I don’t know how it is where yer at but a couple cultivators or maybe just dispos are lowering prices…. I’m lovin it, cause I finally got my vet/indigent discount so it’s like I’m stacking without even stacking. If that makes any sense….

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