Question about designating a Caregiver

  1. One thing to know, if you go this caregiver path - they will not be able to pick up without you at a dispensary you haven't already ordered from previously. So on those real bad pain days make sure they're picking up from one of your regular dispos and don't send them somewhere new chasing a sale, they won't make it past the front desk.

  2. Thank you, this information is very helpful! I’m registered at 3 places in town, and will check the other ones out when I can so I can have a good variety of options.

  3. I thought that was only if you are a user. Why couldn’t a caregiver have a ccw as long as they don’t have both at the same time? Question 21e of a CCW is specifically about Using marijuana. Not purchasing it. So as long as you never use it in theory you’d be okay?

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