Notorious by Grow Ohio

  1. It was pretty good, I tried one of the green nugs in my mighty vape and it had a mild taste, earthy, gassy, sweet and the effects were immediately relaxing. It’s just dry and lacking terps.

  2. Honestly, I don't have an issue w/the cans. There's reputable growers on the west coast utilizing the same "nitrogen vacuum seal" method. It actually preserves the flower quite well (long-term) & is technically, well, vacuum sealed. The herb would be even dryer without it but there is a downside. Once opened, nitrogen sealed bud degrades quicker than other storage forms & slightly alters the taste.

  3. I got this 10th for $27 (30%off sale) at about wellness Lebanon. One of Grow Ohio’s new strains, it’s GMO x GMO/tk skunk and it’s definitely got that classic gmo smell and taste. Unfortunately this batch is bone dry and lacking in terps but I can tell it’s a good strain if done properly. Taste is a mix between savory gmo and sweet cookies. The effects are very heavy indica, relaxing, couch lock, and pain relief.

  4. They are really beating the gmo & tk skunk strains into the ground. Maybe it's time to expand into some new or at least different genetics.

  5. I also witnessed a new GMO strain from them called Shoki. It's labeled as a 25% hybrid & crossed w/Lime Kush/OG I believe...was waiting for a review before purchase as it's most likely their initial harvest.

  6. My only beef w/Grow Ohio besides their sporadic patient service, is the simple fact they refuse to list terpene profiles & specs. on their COA labels...'nuf said.

  7. All grow ohio flower is always dry bad dry they have killer oil though even their layer cake I love the strain but always so dry probably won't buy their flower anymore

  8. I feel like I’m in the minority here when I say I really am not a huge fan of Butterfly effect flower. I like butterfly effect for capsules and tincture but even now there are some new capsules and tinctures and stuff hitting the market that have really good feedback and are less expensive.

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